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OAAM is the full service consulting company for startups and ICO. We are cooperating with many professional advisors around the world. Our team has experience in marketing and consulting for over 20 years.


of Hiring an OAAM ICO Consultancy Company

Access to New Skills

We’re using proven and tested marketing strategies and methodologies that can be customized based on your business needs.

Fresh Pair of Eyes

It’s common for owners and internal staff not to see problems because of business loyalty and bias. It gives you all the more reasons to hire an ICO consultancy firm. We will serve you as a fresh pair of eyes who can unbiasedly recommend the needed countermeasures to move your business to a new height of success.

Save Your Time and Money

If you have been running in circles and still couldn’t figure out why your business is struggling, it’s time to hire an OAAM ICO consultancy firm. When running a business, time is one of the most important resources. And if you are using time to continue an old process that is not working, you are wasting money and your staff’s energy.

Focusing On What Matters

By hiring us as consultant, you can use our expertise to make the best decision for your business. The time saved can then be used to work on strategies and projects with higher profitability.

Keeping Employees Happy

Showing your staff that you are doing something to solve the problem boosts their moral. They know that you are hearing their pain points by working with the experts.

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy & PR plan

Audit WhitePaper or Whole Project

Bounty & Airdrop Campaign

Development & Token and Smart Contract Creation

Writing WhitePaper

Legal, KYC & AML, Jurisdiction


Private sell from Korea investors

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ICO Listing, Rating, Trackers, Listing

Last in this list but not least. ICO listing and rating are few of the best aspects that your ICO should have. ICO reviews, rating and listing can provide the investors a deep insight of your ICO company. The reasons behind an undeniable importance of ICO listing and...

ICO Translations

Normally, most ICO holders don’t take the necessity of language translation service seriously but it is one of the primarily required services when it the ICO operation is diversified across the globe. Translating services of the ICO website & ICO white paper as per...

ICO Content & Influencer Marketing

ICO content marketing and influencer marketing are the two-marketing operations that can cost you a lot but can also yield mind-boggling results. Content marketing or content management is the way ICO promotion through handwritten, well researched and thorough...

ICO Community Management (Forums, chats etc)

Crypto communities are one of the never-ending resources of potential investors and interested contributors. It is one of the places from where you can drive the huge number of investors towards your ICO and myriad crypto enthusiast by offering exclusive ICO air drops...

ICO Display Ads, banners

To boost your ICO taken sale banners and media advertisement are considered a few of the best platform to promote your ICO. However, displaying the advertisement isn’t task that an average ICO marketing agency or individual can perform alone handed. Moreover, there...

ICO Email Marketing

Email marketing is the direct way to promote you ICO to sound and potential investors and contributors and it is also one of the tedious ways of marketing. Email marketing is an essential element of your ICO marketing strategy and it should stand second or third in...

ICO Google AdWords (SEM)

Out of dozens of ways of promoting your ICO, utilizing the Google AdWords is one of the smartest ways. Google AdWords has become one of the best platforms to place an advertisement and making people aware regarding the company. Though, setting up Google AdWords can be...

ICO Bounty Programs and Airdrops

Bounty ICO programs are one of the most lucrative offers of any ICO that not only brings the investors in but also make them invest the huge amount of capital. Airdrop refers to the free distribution of small amounts of a newly created ICO crypto tokens to its...

ICO Social Media Marketing & PR

Social media marketing and the public relation are one of the factors that directly impact on your overall ICO sale. Public relation is one of the most important elements that ICO should be maintained by keeping the ICO PR in a priority list of ICO marketing...

Full ICO marketing services, cost, and plans

Full ICO marketing services, cost, and plans Once you have your blockchain product/service ready, it is time to make it to the public. And the best way to create mind-boggling entrance the market is through amazing ICO marketing tactics....

Full inforamtions about ICO Development

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Landing page with wallet setup (cold, integrated with www, an app in the smartphone)

ICO landing page integrated with the crypto wallet can be the great feature not only for your investors but also for the ICO company. It will also be the first page of your website that will not only represent the whole ICO website but it also will be the first page...

Ongoing developer support

There will always be a moment where you have to hold the ICO development stage for the while and it can ruin your schedule of ICO launch. Having reserved ICO development team or experts will never let you go down and can be great succor when the main team is...

Smart contracts management system

Smart contracts are cryptographic codes that can be used between two peers to release the transaction with the particular key. It is one of the amazing ways to keep the ICO platform safe and sound. Though, implementing smart contracts itself is the painstaking and...

Code maintenance, security audit, and implementation

While you are developing the ICO, there is the number of complications you are going to encounter. Continuous development, consistent testing, security checkup and implementations of new concepts are some of the main aspects of that ICO development team is going to...

ICO blockchain technology

Blockchain can be defined as the new generation database that stores various forms of assets in peer to peer network. Almost anything that has value can be recorded and stored on the blockchain, and this includes things that may have nothing to do with money. Even ICO...

IT sourcing

IT sourcing is the core necessity of any ICO company. IT sourcing normally involves the consistent supply of programs, network, software, and developers too. In other words, IT sourcing is the key aspect without which the development of ICO development could not be...

ICO token presale and sale platform

ICO token sale can be structured in three sub sales namely; ICO presale, ICO main sale, and private sale. In order accomplish of these types of sales you will need to have sale platform from which you can distribute the ICO tokens to the investors in exchange for...

ICO token & coin creation (equity ICO token, security token, utility token, Ethereum token)

Initial coin offering or token generating even comprises mainly two types of token namely – utility token/user token and security token/equity token. Any of these tokens can be distributed during the ICO depending on ICO holder. You may require a totally new platform...

P2P development for complete Initial Coin Offering and technical support

For conventional P2P initial coin offering, it could be said that it is one of the hardest phases of the ICO development that ICO team is ever going face. Since there are only a few of ways to create the P2P platform from scratch to distribute the ICO tokens, most ICO...

Full inforamtions about ICO Legal & Whitepaper

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Initial Coin Offering Legal Advice, country jurisdiction, ICO KYC and AML

Apart from offering distinctive ICO marketing, ICO development and ICO launching services, we are no behind when it comes to offering the ICO legal services and legal advice. Ever since the ICO has become subjected to hacking attacks and other criminal activities due...

Difference between ICO’s white paper and light paper and how to write?

White paper and light paper are the most essential documents that ICO company could have in their list of armaments to attract the investors for greater investments. Though, there is a slight difference between the white paper and light. When it comes to defining ICO...

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